About Resinet

In 1995 Resinet became the master distributor of all plastic safety fence products from Quest Brands Inc.

Today, Resinet has grown the line to provide a full product offering that includes every safety and construction fence possible, as well specialty mesh products for every need. We stock all sizes, colours and shapes, plus other items such as barricade tapes, sand bags, burlap curing blankets, and landscape geotextiles.

Resinet realizes how busy you are. And that fence and other supplies may not be on the top of your list, until you really need them.

With large, fully inventoried warehouses on both sides of United States, Resinet can send any sized order, from one roll to a full truckload, direct to you in a moment’s notice. And always at a price that keeps you competitive and profitable.

Please take a look at the complete line of Better Barriers™ fence and our other product offerings and let us know how we can help you.

Resinet Products


Whether you are keeping the snow at bay, protecting the job site, controlling crowds at events, or securing hazardous areas, Resinet has a complete line of barrier, barricade and snow fences for all of your customer’s needs. Our unique in-house technologies allow for continued improvements, new products, innovative designs and enhanced customer service.


Stops weed growth, separates aggregates and soil profiles, anchors soil and prevents erosion. Better Barriers Geotextiles are the professional’s choice for gardens, patios, walkways, driveways, drainage tiles, retaining walls and other landscaping and commercial applications.

Nettings & Meshes

Better Barriers Nettings and Meshes are ideal for cages and enclosures, animal deterrence for home and agricultural applications, screening of decks and balconies and anywhere that lightweight close mesh barriers are required. Our nettings and meshes are easy to handle, with no sharp edges, and won’t rust, unlike traditional metal meshes.

Concrete Curing

Available in Economy, Construction, and Heavyweight Class 4 Grade, Concrete Curing Blanket aids in proper curing of newly poured concrete. Dampened burlap helps prevent concrete from drying out prematurely, protecting valuable work, by maintaining a humid layer above drying concrete.

The Professional Choice for Landscaping & Construction

Visit Quest Brands to see the full line of Better Barriers consumer and commercial products including yard and garden fencing, edging, enclosures, construction and safety barriers, snow fence, landscaping fabric, animal deterrence, winter protection, planting and gardening aids, agricultural barriers, shade barriers and more.